A Brand New Day for Meggsie


As of this morning, Ginger Meggs will now be seen daily by more Australians than in any other time in his 92-year history in a national comics page.

From now on, the strip will appear every day in the comics page in Melbourne (The Herald Sun), Adelaide (The Advertiser), Brisbane (The Courier Mail) and in Sydney (The Daily Telegraph) and as always, in Perth (The West Australian).
I’m grateful for the opportunity to introduce Meggsie to a new generation of Aussie readers (- It’ll be nice for my Melbourne friends and family to finally see what I actually do for a living!)

My predecessor and friend, the late James Kemsley would have been thrilled. He also, like me, would have been equally devastated that Ginger is no longer sharing the page with our friends, Gary Clark (Swamp), Sean Leahy (Beyond the Black Stump) and Roger Fletcher (Staria). I’m not saying this in my capacity as a comic-strip cartoonist, or as a representative of the Australian Cartoonists’ Association, I’m saying this as a life-long fan of comics and of these giants who I looked up to when I was learning to draw and write cartoons as a kid.

Meggs wouldn’t even be around if it weren’t for the generosity of these amazing cartoonists writing gags and helping with the strip when Kems was in his hardest months.

Like I said, I’m grateful for the opportunity. It’s such a shame my talented friends can’t be part of it too.

Be sure to take a look at the new page in the paper!… or a tablet…

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