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The fine folks over at Ginger’s syndicate, GoComics have been doing these one-hour online Q&A sessions with Comic Strip artists with great success! For August, the cartoonists who will be in the hot seat include Rob Harrell (Adam@Home and Big Top), Darrin Bell (Candorville), Stuart Carlson and Jerry Resler (Gray Matters), David Israel (Twaggies), Dan Thompson (Rip Haywire, Lost Sheep and Brevity).

You can submit questions via Twitter by tweeting your question to @GoComics. Use the following hashtags (note the dates below) to submit questions and follow the conversations:

August 2 with Rob Harrell: #AskRobHarrell
August 9 with Darrin Bell: #AskCandorville
August 16 with Stuart Carlson and Jerry Resler: #AskGrayMatters
August 23 with David Israel: #Twaggies
August 30 with Dan Thompson #AskDanThompson

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