Punch Breaking View: Seeing red over rude ranga ridicule

Via News.com.au

TO all the carrot-hating, “ranga”-slanging, “ginga”-hitting titian-teasing nasty pasties out there: It is time for you to stop.

To any redhead that has ever copped the Ginger Meggs or Pippi Longstocking references, this is for you.

Allow me and my long red locks to speak out on behalf of all of redheads who have suffered at the mercy of insensitive people for a very long time.

To the nons, we redheads are the people that, for some reason, have a head you take liberty in picking on, and then say: “I was only joking” when you’ve clearly been a rude (borderline racist) bogan that somehow doesn’t see how you bolstered your seriously low self-esteem by attacking others.



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