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I’ve been enjoying the reintroduction of longer story-arcs into the daily strip of Ginger Meggs.

The tradition of Meggs is to have longer adventures being explored over a whole page of panels. Back in the early days, the strip would cover an entire news page, with Bancks having the artistic freedom to draw lots of detail and immerse his readers in Ginger’s world.

Sadly, these days newspapers tend to think of comics as something to be shrunk to the size of postage stamps, so we comic artists have to learn to fit as much character and fun into a tiny panel as we can without it all being blurred and lost in the reduction.

I haven’t lost the joy of writing for Ginger, however. The best feedback I’ve received from readers has been from Ginger’s “in the Aussie Bush” series as well as “The Matchbox” and the most recent “Ginger to the Rescue” series that ran throughout July and early August.

I try and intersperse gags and stories together, sometimes remaining on a theme for gags for a week as many other comics do. The good thing about the internet and eBooks is having the freedom to re-publish them after they’ve run in the paper at their intended size, in full colour on bright digital HD screens for readers to enjoy in one uninterrupted series.

Keep an eye out on Amazon Books for the up-coming “Ginger Meggs To The Rescue” story within the exciting revival eBook continuation of the Sunbeams Annual collectors editions.

I’ll be publishing an exciting storyline including Mike and Tony in October, along with a series of gag strips in the meantime.

Thanks, as always for reading, and stay tuned for more updates on that eBook!

~ Jason




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